Greek Voices is the Greek voice over provider

We are an audio production house based in Greece, with top gear studios and handpicked native professional Greek voiceover talents, who record for clients worlwide*                         

*GV is not a voice p2p or a greek voiceovers freelancers hiring place

Feel free to send us your quote and we will response in the next 60 minutes!

You can call us also, if urgent, we are usually recording almost all day!

(in Greek Time Zone -  UTC/GMT +3 hours)

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We can also book all of Greece's well know actors for your project. 

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At Greek Voices , our principal activity is voice recording and post production, in any form, intended for your professional use. Which means that the recording should be carried out under ideal conditions.

That’s why we have invested in the facilities, human resources, technology and knowledge, to make sure your project, meets all world audio industry standards, and is delivered in the shortest possible time. 

We supply Greek voice overs to advertising companies , localization experts, video and movie production companies, international voice agencies, multimedia developers, but also anyone who needs professional audio production with native voice talents from Greece for their media promotion. 

Our services are:

- Greek voiceover recordings with native voice talents for Web - Multimedia - TV - Radio - Games.

- Corporate narrations , audio books, documentaries.

- Interactive entertainment voice services.

- Audio post production, editing and sound design.

- Video dubbing & lipsync – ADR.

- IVR phone prompts.

- In store / In flight / In ship messages.

- Greek voice actors casting

- Music & SFX editing, using legal and royalty free production libraries.

- Translations from and to Greek language.

Greek Voices - the Greek voice provider

By choosing GreekVoices, you can be sure that your order will be executed in the proper way, on time, by experienced professionals, at affordable prices.

We have recorded Greek Voice over projects for international brand names such as :

Google - Microsoft - Euronews - CERN - Honda - Intel - Lidl - Skype - Samsung - BMW - Mercedes - Volvo - Heineken - AEG - Michelin - Exxon Mobil - Trivago - Unilever - Henkel - HP - John Deere - Toshiba - Shell - Allianz - Toyota - Spotify - Hugo Boss - ABB - Turkish Airlines - Husqvarna - Mattel - CB12 - Avene - Air Berlin -  Ryanair - Qatar Airways - Pfizer - Hausbrandt – Sunsweet - GlaxoSmithKline - Dow Chemicals - Mayoral - Fixodent - Lilly - Hasbro - McDonalds - United International Pictures - Aegean Airlines - PCT Cosco - Honda - Toyota - Mitsubishi - Jumbo - Isomat - PAOK FC - Skechers - Xerox - Hellmans - Epsilon net - Energizers - MLS - Morris - Delonghi - Regency Casino - Alcon - Bed and Bath - Hankook tyres - City College - Ellinair - NyfanTenCate - Welcome stores - Autovision - Freggio -  Dhi - Vicko - Edward jeans - Seven spots - Dexim - Kaoil - Porcelana - Oxford company - Cardlink - Wierdwave - Energiers - Skywork Airlines - Fila - Cytamobile - Primetel Cyprus - Electrolux - Bison - UHU - Amgen - DHL - Novotel - Aboca - Val Venosta - Doki language learning software - WeKnowIt - Valagro - Tommy Hillfiger - G4S - Nobilia - Alcon - Hollister Inc - Baxter - Georg Fischer - Securitas - Organo Gold - Tork - Bronpi - Obesimed etc, Berlin Museums, and many others.



Andreas Seidler


 Multilingual Voice Over Agency

For a couple of years we are working with NRG Productions for various voice over projects (IVRs and television spot projects). The quality of their voice talents and their studio is just awesome and they are very fast in answering emails and always keep the deadlines. We are very much looking forward to work with Thomas and his team again for the future projects. Their sound is awesome also!

Gursan Acar

 TONWELT Professional Media GmbH Berlin

After our pleasant and positive cooperation we would like to thank you for being able to actively support and meet our needs for the great project of the State Museum of Berlin (Greek recordings for the sound tours of the Pergamon Museum). The four hour recordings were carried out with excellent voice over artists and the desirable and customary quality to us. Greek visitors to the museum of Pergamon (one of the largest museums in Germany with 1.2 million visitors per year) are guided thanks to NRG Productions in their mother tongue. Their impression is totally positive and thank you again for the excellent cooperation.

Fani Tsetou

United International Pictures

Managing manager UIP Greece

NRG Productions and UIP (United International Pictures) have been collaborating for over 10 years. We work together the last three, period that I work too in the cinema area, a place full of pressure and enormous demands. Many times you have to manage movies that come out in the cinemas even every week. It is very important to know that I can rely on such a reliable partner to get immediate and perfect results every time! 


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